The thing about getting older is that we acquire a greater sense of wisdom.  This wisdom is not from becoming any smarter or finding enlightenment, it is just simply from living life and experiencing the trials and tribulations of being alive.  Just as history repeats itself, so does shit that happens to us through life.  The key to better living is being able to see life from a different vantage point, or perspective.  Every so often, we will present a life necessity and analyze it through a different lens.  


My most favorite part of going to the gym is leaving.  I have a serious love hate relationship with the gym.  I love playing sports, but having to go to the gym requires every bit of will power I can harness.  I don’t get it, you always feel so much better after a workout, but it is so hard to actually go.  Now, you more than likely feel like shit after being at a bar the night before, yet it is so easy to say yes when someone asks to meet for drinks. Why? Perspective of course, so let’s discuss how we can perceive the gym to make it more tolerable for us non-gym rats. 

Just like watching our diet, avoiding smoking and drinking too much, working out is just part of life.  To maintain a balanced life and a longer life, we have to look at putting in the work in the gym so we can live longer to keep doing the other shit that would kill us sooner.  Accept it, embrace and see it as just a little penance to enjoy the dirty things of life.  And let’s be real, you know you actually feel and look better when you stick to a consistent workout routine.  

Here is the whopper when it comes to adjusting your perspective, STOP thinking you are going to get ripped, shredded, jacked or whatever false notions you may have that is associated with the gym.  For real guys who like to drink, eat and be merry, that level of dedication is reserved for professional athletes, models and serial killers.  Think about it, you die tomorrow and all you take with you is the thought that you had a fucking six pack stomach.  If that’s what makes life worth living, go get it done.  

As for me, I quit seeing the gym as a pain in the ass, I just see it now as an opportunity to grow mentally.  Yes, mentally.  Now that I am over 50, the physical benefit of maintaining a consistent workout routine is that you don’t have to keep buying bigger clothes and you maintain some low level of mobility and strength.  If you are in there hoping to see real gains of any sort you are going to be disappointed.  Sure you can pump yourself up with supplements, steroids, HGH, creatine or whatever it is but what’s the point?  You could have used that money to buy better wine, better whisky and better cigars.  

So yes, mental improvement is how I managed to see the gym with a new lens.  I am a total mental midget when it comes to drinking, eating and smoking.  So I needed to improve that part of my life.  The gym pushes me to improve my mental state of being.  I push myself to go, push myself to not slack off while I am in there and it makes me feel like I accomplished something by beating down the demons inside me.  There is a certain elation that comes over a person when something tough is accomplished.  Be it big or small, it is an accomplishment, a win, a gain, and this makes us feel better about ourselves.  

And also it makes economic sense, maintaining your weight saves you a lot of money.  Tailors and new clothes are expensive and there again that money could be far better used on whisky and cigars.  So, don’t look at it as a burden, but rather a money saving, guilt reducing part, mental strengthening activity that actually may not help you live longer, but at least live better.