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The Wrangler Larston black out jeans - a kind of must own

To me, men wearing designer jeans/denim screams douche bag.  Denim is rebellious, hard working, blue collar and should never be pretentious.  I am not sure what led so many men into the abyss of buying designer jeans, but it is reality and it sucks.  I hear the d-bag anthem every time, “I can’t find regular jeans that fit right so I buy designer.”  I have been a Levi’s 501 guy for as long as I can remember, I have them tailored to fit according to the shoes or boots I plan to wear with them.  Cost of jeans + tailor is still under a 100 bux.  

With all that said, I came across the Wrangler Larston slim fit jean and I decided to try them out.  For $55 bux on, I figured there was not much to lose.  I got them and I must say, I was pretty impressed with the fit, the quality and the look of these jeans.  That inner rancher in me came alive.  These are far more urban/city jeans than country, which made them even cooler.  Wrangler is under the radar for most but it has a great history and the jeans have 1% stretch which makes them a great buy at $55.00.  


Dead Rabbit, the Irish whisky you ought to try

For around 40 shekels, this 5 year old blended Irish whisky is a must have.  First off, it’s got a cool fucking name and you won’t come across as an old alcoholic drinking Jameson.  The Dublin Liberties Distillery teamed up with the boys from Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog to bring this to life.  It really is an easy drinking whisky and is so unpretentious yet really snobby at the same time.  And, dudes, if the bartender is female and you order one of these neat, she won’t look at you the same way she looks at all the other tools that order a Macallan.  


The Lucchese After Ride Slip-on boot…channel that urban cowboy that lurks within

A man needs a great pair of boots, and I mean real boots.  Be it Wolverine, Red Wing or Lucchese, a great pair of boots last forever and make just the right statement.  Sure you might say you are all about sneakers, and I am too, but sneakers do not make the same impression as a pair of well made boots.  If you wear jeans, then you need to have a pair of kick ass boots for the fall and winter seasons.  Rest of the time, enjoy the sneakers and flip flops, because you don’t need much else. 

The After Ride’s are a great city boot, you feel like John Wayne but you don’t come across trying to be the fucking Lone Ranger.  It’s a 6 inch, side zip boot that goes on and more importantly comes off easy.  Surprisingly comfortable and great to walk in, the boot has a great look and paired with some beat up old Levi’s and a well-fitted t-shirt and jacket, you can be that guy.  They are a little pricey, but remember, they are meant to last the next 10-15 years if not longer.  Just don’t be that asshole wearing boots with skinny jeans.


Colgate Total Deep Clean will blow you away

I know, who talks about toothpaste??? Hey, living well means every detail matters, so why not have a little discussion of the best toothpaste I have used.  At first use, it is really fucking strong and that waaah feeling after you rinse out is real.  I started using it over a year ago, by chance.  I like to try different toothpastes because I have never used one that blew my pants off.  I have noticed that my dental hygienist has been impressed with my oral hygiene the last two visits.  The only thing I have changed is my toothpaste, so there’s something to this stuff.  

Lima, Peru a must visit in this lifetime

Most people just blow through Lima en route to Maccupicchu, but that is a really big mistake, especially if you are a foodie or just like eating really fucking good food.  Lima is not a sexy city, the weather is whatever, but the food and people make this place a must visit.  Should you get a chance to visit, here are my favorite places to eat and stay.


  1.  Costanera 700, the BEST.  I never trust those magazines that rate the best of the best, fuck them. I have been to Centrale and it is good, but way overrated in my opinion.   I am not a foodie and pretty limited in what I will eat, but when I am here, I don’t even think, I eat everything.  The food, vibe, wine list and service  are all spectacular.  The salt fish, the lomo saltado, the dessert, have at it, you will not be sorry.  
  2. Rafael’s, super chic.  If you want a vibe, this little brasserie is the place to go.  It is sexy, fun and food is eclectic but bloody delicious.  Personally, I like to sit in the bar area and chill out watching the who’s who of Lima stroll in and light the night on fire.  
  3. TiTi for Chaufa.  This Asian restaurant is one of my all time favorites.  The food is absolutely amazing, there is nothing you can go wrong with.
  4. Maido, when you want to break the bank.  Perhaps one of the most sophisticated dining experiences I have ever had, Maido sets the bar.  The food is small, fancy as fuck but each bite tastes like God Himself prepared the dish.  The ropes hanging from the ceiling makes sense, once you get the bill, you may feel like hanging yourself. 
  5. Isolina in the Barranco is a must for the lomo saltado and the flan.  Very casual with an almost always wait to get in, this is totally worth it.  While you wait, there is a cool bar a few doors down that you can grab a cocktail and chill until your table is ready.  Sit upstairs, it is a little more quiet and more spacious. 


  1.  The Innside Inn in Miraflores is a great place to stay, in fact, I have stayed there the last four times I have visited.  The modern aesthetic is minimal, cool, and chic.  Service is amazing, great breakfast and a cool rooftop for pre-dinner cocktailing.  Priced at around 125 USD / night, it is a steal.  Rooms are clean, spacious and simple.  
  2. The Country Club in San Isidro.  This is a classic, old world hotel that reeks of elegance.  The charming hotel is warm, inviting and elegant.  The American Bar inside is fantastic for a night cap and the terrace dining overlooking the golf course is very cool.  It is not cheap but it is an experience.  
  3. Hotel B in The Barranco, is super fucking cool. It’s a boutique hotel that is really expensive and almost always sold out.  Part art gallery, part trendy boutique, you will love the vibe here.  Located in the heart of the Barranco, Lima’s trendy neighborhood, this hotel is world class.   

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